The Truth about Air Fresheners

Are air fresheners really what they seem? 

Homes are an oasis; a small slice of the world that you get to call your own. It’s no surprise that you want to keep them clean, neat and smelling amazing. But how far have you been willing to go, to get that signature ocean breeze scent? 

Why commercial air fresheners stink

Put simply, they are FULL of chemicals. “All air fresheners tested (e.g., sprays, gels, solids, disks, oils) emitted chemicals classified as toxic or hazardous under US federal laws. However, fewer than 1% of these potentially hazardous chemicals were listed on any product label or material safety data sheet.” These chemicals have known negative effects on;

Human Body- Endocrine Disruptors, can wreak havoc on our body’s physiological and hormonal processes. Some contain chemicals which when inhaled, block our smell receptors and thus the smell is… *poof* gone! Others simply coat our smell receptors with an oily film to mask the smell – ew! Are you beginning to see the trend here? Commercial air fresheners are not in the business of removing odour, their priority is covering it up with a nicer (more toxic) scent.

Indoor Environment  Use can drastically decrease indoor air quality. Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs also known as off gas can be found in many household products such as; cleaners, disinfectants, air fresheners, paint, and bug repellants. They are the largest cause of indoor pollutants. VOC concentrations tend to be 10 times higher indoors and can be hazardous to both environmental and human health causing eye and skin irritation, nausea, headaches, throat irritation and more extreme health dangers such as liver, kidney and central nervous damage. The EPA recommends minimizing exposure to these compounds.

Outdoor Environment- If chemicals used in air fresheners are causing havoc in homes can you imagine the effect they have on the environment?

Did you know VOCs from mainstream air fresheners don’t just stay put.They can migrate outdoors and contribute to contaminated groundwater and photochemical smog. Energy, waste, The synthetic chemicals used can 

What to Stay Away From

Ever noticed how “ocean breeze” smells nothing like the ocean at all? That’s because it’s a synthetic fragrance, filled with chemicals that do more harm than good. Your regular, off-the-shelf air freshener contains a long list of toxic ingredients the company isn’t required to disclose on the label. These nasty chemicals have been linked to asthma, reproductive issues and cancer. Scary, we know!

Reading product labels is the easiest way to avoid these bad boys invading your home. If the product does not contain an ingredient list buyer BEWARE, who knows what scary things maybe hiding in the bottle. Other fresheners use words like  “fragrance”, “scent” or “perfume” to describe what’s in them but they’re not telling the whole truth. They’re more than likely filled with unwanted ingredients. If you’re still not confident, search for the product on the EWG database to be sure it’s safe. 

Stay away from these nasty playas

Phthalates, hormone-disrupting chemicals 
acetaldehyde, carcinogen
formaldehyde,...nuff’ said

    Is Organic Better?

    Mainstream products created to rid your home of orders contain words like organic, natural, or green sound great right?! However, these descriptors are used quite loosely due to little to no regulation. Get the peace of mind you deserve by choosing an air freshener that is certified organic by an independent third party. By obtaining a third party organic certification the manufacturer has proven to an outside team that the ingredients used in that product meets strict regulation and quality standards. 

    Freshen Your Home Nature’s Way

    Typically when using air fresheners the goal is to make the surrounding area smell fresh and not like grandma’s pauperi. Making this happen doesn’t have to be hard work, and doesn’t need to be toxic. No DIY jobs here; just a natural, healthier way to clean.

    What’s causing the odor - What’s causing you to reach for the can of evil-spray? If it’s something that can be removed, remove it! The air around you is filled with bacteria. When it’s out of whack and the nasties have overgrown, you wind up with... odor! 
    Use probiotics...How do the bacteria help?
    Open the windows - Open windows provide natural ventilation, allowing the air to flow and helping to improve indoor air quality...not to mention it helps to save $$$ during those hot summer days.
    Use organic Essential oils - Instead of using man-made chemicals why not turn to mother nature’s air fresheners. Not only do they leave your home filled with a light scent essential oils have been noted to promote emotional and physical health. Lavender for example is believe to help with relaxation

      Mainstream Air Fresheners contain trashy chemicals that can cause harm to the human body, our homes, and the environment. These chemical cocktails wrapped in fake funk aren’t the only solution to a stinky problem. Armed with some tools provided by mother nature you can say goodbye to “tropical forest” and “coconut bliss”, and hello to a flourishing, vibrant home where your family’s health can thrive.

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