New Decade! Improved You!

Positivity Playlist for 2020

It’s a new decade y'all let’s jumpstart it in a super positive way by thinking less about the weight we’re going to lose and more about the change we can create in ourselves, our people and the world! Here’s our positive tidbits paired with some of our favorite hits.

 Kicking it off with some motivation: Track: Try, Pink and Track: Fight Song, Rachel Platten


Beyond Diet Detox 

The beginning of the year is a good time to start positive habits and kick the derailers to the curb. That’s why buzzwords like cleanse and detox get thrown around a lot this time of year...but if you’re like most of us, your diet isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned up - over here we’re thinking about ways to scrub our digital and chemical habits.

  • Have you ever thought about taking a break from technology? On average adults get upwards of eleven hours a day worth of screen time and our dependence on technology can lead to some serious side effects. Insomnia, eye strain, headaches, neck and back pain, and mental health can all result from too much screen time. So for this digital detox turn off your notifications, pause your netflix account and set a hard timer on your email. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and watch your sleeping habits improve and your anxiety decrease. According to Forbes Magazine a pleasant side effect of limited screen time is an increase in productivity. 

 Pro Tip: Before you start scrolling set a timer for 1 min. Once the clock runs out  pick-up a book and read for a bit. You’ll get through your 2020 book list in no time.

Track: These boots are made for walking Nancy Sinatra

  • Harsh, sometimes toxic chemicals have found their way into all facets of our daily routine; diet, cleaning, hygiene etc. For example, consuming non organic produce can lead to an intake of 150mcg of pesticides each day. The common candle is made of a petroleum waste and uses synthetic fragrances. This can lead to some serious off gassing on VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the home. Deodorant is chalk full of compounds and chemicals like aluminum and phthalates. These are absorbed through the skin disrupting hormones which can lead to serious health complications. Talk about chemical overload! Going into 2020 why not lighten that load with a chemical detox. When going on a chemical detox you may find it easier to use products or eat food that you’ve prepared yourself but it isn’t mandatory, search for store bought goods that only have clean, simple ingredients with very little processing. Read labels and look for trusted third party verification like USDA Organic, EWG, or Leaping Bunny. 

Pro-Tip for a truly non toxic clean try Counter Culture’s Master Cleanse Bundle. Using the power of probiotics and organic essential oils this bundle has everything you need to rid your home of the trashy chemicals and delivering a MicrobiHome™ friendly clean.

Track: Drop it Like it’s Hot Snoop

  • The Busy Trap - detox from overscheduling yourself? It’s been ingrained in us to be productive from the time we wake up until we pass out at night. Work, meetings, after school activities, workouts and dinner on the table by check a few emails before bed (we’re all guilty). But is that the key to being successful? A mounting number of research is showing that downtime can have a big benefit to physical and mental health. Plus a little “me time” can help optimize your productivity.

Pro-Tip Your calendar doesn’t have to be your enemy go ahead and make an appointment with yourself.

Track: The Lazy Song Bruno Mars


Clear the Clutter

Here in the office, there’s a level beyond cleanliness, we call zenliness. Less clutter means more focus and reduced anxiety. We’re trying to take the first few weeks of the year to declutter our work and living spaces...channeling Marie Kondo anyone? For many of us tidying up and getting organized is a powerful motivator to GSD (get stuff done) and removing unnecessary stuff can be beneficial to mental health by reducing feelings of anxiety. Turns out the experts agree. According to Psychology Today decluttering has the added benefit of improving cognitive skills and has a positive impact on decision-making ability. So if you want to kick a$$ and take names this decade turn on some tunes (our suggestions or others) and get going! 

Track: Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked Cage the Elephant

Track: Working 9 to 5 Dolly Parton



During the great decluttering of 2020, you may have uncovered a few items that no longer fit in your life but still have some life in them. Donate those items to local non-profit organizations that you would like to support. And, Consider lending your talents, services, and time to an organization that’s doing their part to make the world a little better. And not that it’s all about you or me, but studies have found a neurological connection between generosity and happiness. The altruistic behavior of helping others has been known to improve mental health by reducing feelings of isolation and depression, it helps to improve skills to self regulate personal emotions and increase self worth/confidence. Here’s some tunes to listen to on the drive to your donation drop or your first Saturday morning volunteer gig. 

Track: With My Own Two Hands Ben Harper

Track: We Are Family, Sister Sledge

Take a Break and Bust a Move

The daily demands of the fast-paced world that is 2020 (still not used to writing that), are tough to keep up with. Everyone seems to be working harder than ever. The only way to balance that is to play hard. One of our favorite ways to play is through dance. So after you’ve detoxed, decluttered and lent a helping hand, enjoy your space and DANCE. No need to run out and get lessons. Put on your favorite danceable song (I think I hear Spice Girls playing in the background) and cut a rug. The benefits of dancing are endless. Light cardio, stress relief, an increase of endorphins (the feel good chemicals in your brain), and it’s a creative outlet plus you get to listen to some sick music. Dancing creates a positive energy in and around your space.

 Track: Hey Ya!, Outkast

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